Jordan Aggregates EIS

Written comment on the adequacy of the final EIS are due July 7,2014. Comments should be mailed to Kate Sedlacek.

Review Report

  1. Comments Received for Revised FEIS (PDF)
  2. Comments Received on Jordan Aggregates FEIS (PDF)
  3. Exhibit A Jordan Aggregates Monitoring and Mitigation Plan prepared for EIS Team (PDF)
  4. Exhibit B Letter from Project Proposer June 9, 2014 (PDF)
  5. Exhibit C Mitigation Approximate Costs (PDF)
  6. Exhibit D NPDES Permit (PDF)
  7. Figure 1-1 Location of Project Site (PDF)
  8. Figure 1-2 Topographic Map (PDF)
  9. Figure 1-3 Vicinity and Surrounding Properties (PDF)
  10. Figure 2-1 Existing Conditions at Project Site (PDF)
  11. Figure 2-2 Existing Topography and Drainage (PDF)
  12. Figure 2-3 Mining Phasing Plan (PDF)
  13. Figure 2-4 Processing Plant Layout (PDF)
  14. Figure 2-5 Flood Inundation for 100 Year Flood Event (PDF)
  15. Figure 2-6 Proposed Turn-Around Location on TH169 for NB Traffic (PDF)
  16. Figure 2-7 Tractor Trailer U-Turn onto NB TH169 at turnaround South of Project Site (PDF)
  17. Figure 3-1 Proposed Spillway and Berm (PDF)
  18. Figure 3-10 Predicted Percent of Flood Water in Water Table Aquifer Non Reactive Solute Simulation (
  19. Figure 3-11 Predicted Percent of Flood Water in Upper FIG Aquifer Non-Reactive Solute Simulation (PD
  20. Figure 3-12 Cross Section of Simulated Groundwater Flow Paths After 100 Year Flood (PDF)
  21. Figure 3-13 Comparison of Modeling Results for a Single Flood Event and 3 Successive Flood Events 2
  22. Figure 3-14 Location of Potential Future FIG Aquifer Well and Predicted Maximum Percent of Flooding
  23. Figure 3-15 Predicted Drawdown in the FIG Aquifer Resulting from the Proposed City of Jordan Wells a
  24. Figure 3-16 Modeled Water Table Elevation and Groundwater Flow Paths at the Project Site
  25. Figure 3-17 Location of Alternative Haul Routes for Loaded Trucks with North and West Destinations A
  26. Figure 3-18 3 4 Intersection at 173rd Street and TH169 (PDF)
  27. Figure 3-19 Valley View Drive North and South of Project Site (PDF)
  28. Figure 3-2 Air Photo Showing Extent of Flood Deposits Along Sand Creek, South of Project Site (PDF)
  29. Figure 3-20 Turn Around on TH169 South of 173rd Street and TH169 Intersection (PDF)
  30. Figure 3-21 TH21 U Turn Concept (PDF)
  31. Figure 3-22 Exit to TH21 from TH169 SB (PDF)
  32. Figure 3-23 Intersection of TH21 and TH282 (PDF)
  33. Figure 3-24 Intersection of TH282 and TH169 (PDF)
  34. Figure 3-25 Level of Service and Traffic Congestion Ratings (PDF)
  35. Figure 3-3 Cross Section of Proposed Spillway and Berm (PDF)
  36. Figure 3-4 Proposed Location of Steel Pilings to Mitigate Ice Jams (PDF)
  37. Figure 3-5 Cross Section Detail of Steel Pilings to Mitigate Ice Jams (PDF)
  38. Figure 3-6 Preferred Mine Pit Predicted Water Table Drawdown (PDF)
  39. Figure 3-7 Groundwater Flow Paths from the City of Jordan Wastewater Ponds (PDF)
  40. Figure 3-8 Potential Groundwater Influenced Wetlands (PDF)
  41. Figure 3-9 Sand Creek Watershed (PDF)
  42. Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Modeling Report and Correspondence On Re-model (PDF)
  43. IUP Application(Jordan Gravel) (PDF)
  44. IUP Mining Plans Figures (PDF)
  45. IUP Noise Analysis Report081710 (PDF)
  46. IUP Pollution Prevention Plan Final (PDF)
  47. IUP Resource Management Planrev111014 (PDF)
  48. IUP Truck Route Noise Memo (PDF)
  49. Jordan Aggregate DEIS Response to Comments (PDF)
  50. Jordan Aggregates Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) (PDF)
  51. Jordan Aggregates revised FEIS June 23, 2014 (PDF)
  52. MNDOT Memo June 20, 2013 (PDF)
  53. MNDOT Memo October 31, 2012 (PDF)
  54. Preliminary Water Monitoring and Response Plan Revised October 18, 2013 (PDF)
  55. Request for Board Action and Draft Resolution (PDF)
  56. Resolution and Request for Board Action (PDF)
  57. Sand Creek Township packet submitted at County Board Meeting (PDF)
  58. Spillway Memo (PDF)
  59. Traffic Analysis - Extended (PDF)
  60. Traffic Analysis (PDF)
  61. Truck Noise Study (PDF)