The County has been granted authority by Minnesota law to regulate its right-of-way and has a duty to use its right-of-way responsibly and in the interest of the general public to maintain the transportation related infrastructure for County highways, roads, drainage facilities, appurtenances and its utilities within its right-of-way.  The County regulates its right-of-way to maintain the integrity and function of its highway infrastructure, highway functional classification and to minimize negative impacts to the traveling public.
Access to and from the public right-of-way on a County highway or road is regulated by the Scott County Highway Department through a permit process under the County’s Ordinance No. 22 - Management of Public Right-of-Way.   Access regulation is in the interest of the public safety and welfare; to maintain traffic flow; to maintain road drainage facilities; and to preserve the functional level of the highways and roads on its County Highway System.
The County does not allow any use of or on its public right-of-way without its Highway Department granting a permit under the County’s Ordinance No. 22 - Management of Public Right-of-Way.  Please refer to the Highway Permits page for details of the permitting process.  
The County recommends that you verify property lines and/or right-of-way lines along or on your property to ensure your structures, fences, landscaping, or other improvements, including setbacks, do not encroach upon or fall within the public right-of-way.  Private signs are prohibited within the public right-of-way and are subject to removal.