Right-of-Way Acquisition

The rights of government to acquire privately held property for public purposes by an involuntary sale (taking) is reserved in the U.S. Constitution under the rights of eminent domain.  The U.S. Constitution and the Minnesota Constitution reserve the rights of government to take private property for public purposes so long as just compensation is provided for the taking of private property for a public purpose. 

Scott County complies with applicable federal and state laws and regulations to determine just compensation.  Scott County makes good faith and reasonable efforts to negotiate settlements, to avoid the need to acquire property through condemnation proceedings under the rights of eminent domain, but condemnation proceedings are sometimes necessary for the public welfare and safety of the general public.
Scott County has published a pamphlet entitled A Guide of Acquisition Procedures for Property Owners, which is a guide that provides a brief and general summary of acquisition procedures under the right of eminent domain.   This guide is intended to be informative guide only of the acquisition procedures.  It is not intended whatsoever to be legally binding as the applicable federal and state laws and regulations shall control.  This guide does not offer any legal advice.