Transportation Planning & Programs

2040 Transportation Plan

The Scott County Transportation Plan is currently adopted as Chapter VI of the Scott County 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Transportation Plan provides decision-makers with information needed to plan for the future of highway, transit, and travel demand management transportation systems in the county. The Plan was developed to be consistent with local and regional transportation policy plans.

The Transportation Plan is updated at least once every ten years. The update allows the County to properly analyze impacts on transportation system performance, to re-examine the County’s overall transportation needs, and to re-evaluate strategies, policies and performance measures.

Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a ten-year program for transportation construction projects in the county. It implements policies, strategies and investment levels identified in the Transportation Plan. The TIP identifies funding for the reconstruction and improvement of highways, bridges, trails, transit facilities, and other projects that increase safety along County highways.

The TIP is part of the Capital Improvement Program, a document that allows the County Board to balance its investments and to ensure that the public’s infrastructure is planned for and maintained.