Construction Projects

  1. 2017 Overlay Projects

    This annual project is part of the Countywide pavement preservation program. Overlays are performed on a regular basis to preserve the initial paving investment and provide additional safety enhancements.

  2. CH 8 Bridge Replacement

    The purpose of this project is to replace Bridge Number 7063 on the south side of Cynthia Lake in Cedar Lake Township.

  3. CH 27 & CH 68 Roundabout

    On October 20th, the Scott County Board approved a contract with a civil engineering consulting firm for the design of a roundabout at the intersection of CH 27 and CH 68.

  4. CH 79 Trail Project

    A trail is anticipated to be constructed on the East side of County Highway (CH) 79 from CH 78 to CH 16.

  5. CH 60 Flood Recovery

    View details regarding the flood recovery of County Highway in Scott County.

  6. CH 83 Reconstruction

    This project has achieved its design life for pavement structure and is need of major repairs. Capacity improvements are also needed due to the increase in traffic.

  7. CH 83 Turn Lanes at 4th Avenue

    The purpose of this project is to mitigate development impacts and address future traffic needs.

  8. CH 83 at TH 169

    CH 83 at TH 169 Changeable Message Signs

  9. Countywide Flashing Yellow Arrow

    Countywide Flashing Yellow Arrow