Helpful GIS Maps 

  • ScottGIS3 is a mapping application providing access to 120 different layers with accompanying information providing the user with information in regards to properties within Scott County.
  • Waste Navigator is an interactive map can be used to find local recycling and waste disposal locations in order to help keep pollutants out of the environment.

Contaminant Sampling Maps

Scott County compiled arsenic and nitrate data from the Department of Health and from County water test kits in order to get a picture of where possible areas of contamination may lie. Below you can see results of both the nitrate and arsenic maps. For data after 2018, please contact Environmental Services. 

Scott County Geologic Atlas

The Scott County Geologic Atlas was prepared by the Minnesota Geological Survey. County atlases present detailed geologic and hydrologic information in an interpretive as well as descriptive form. Maps and texts either summarize basic geologic and hydrologic conditions at a county scale, or interpret these conditions in terms of the impacts of possible land- and water-use decisions. The atlas is referenced when determining possible impacts to the groundwater from proposed land uses. The included Susceptibility to Groundwater Map is also used to determine replacement timelines for non-compliant septic systems.