Board of Equalization


This Board provides a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their valuation or classification.

  • Members must be able to address property owner’s issues efficiently, fairly and objectively.
  • Members must be able to make decisions on classification and valuation of various real estate parcels located in Scott County.
  • Members will foster an open and trusted professional relationship with concerned taxpayers and County Staff.
  • Members will not engage in discussions regarding Board proceedings with applicants outside of the presence of the other Board members.
  • Members serve on the Special Board of Appeal at the direction and discretion of the appointing County Board and are subject to the restrictions imposed by law on the appointing board.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Apply for Board

There is currently one vacancy for the Board. The Scott County Board of Commissioners is looking for interested citizens to serve on the Special County Board of Appeals. Complete the application form online, or contact Cindy Geis at 952-496-8167. Resumes may be included but will not be accepted in lieu of an application form. Annual commitments also include an Assessment Summary and Organizational Orientation session led by the Scott County Department of Taxation in June of each year, as well as 1-2 Special Board of Equalization meetings in June of each year (depending on the need for a second meeting).

Compensation Plan

Current compensation plan:

  • DOR Training Session - $175
  • Assessment Summary and Orientation - $175
  • 1st Appeal Meeting - $300
  • 2nd Appeal Meeting - $175
  • All mileage to and from meetings will also be reimbursed

It is preferred that applicants are knowledgeable on the income, cost, and market approaches to valuation; have knowledge of market conditions in recent years; and understand the multiple classifications of property. Preference will be given to those who have experience as an appraiser, realtor or other person familiar with property valuations and classifications. Compensation for service is based on the total number of meetings attended as well as mileage costs.