Scott Watershed Management Organization


In 2016, The Scott WMO contracted with Carp Solutions to complete a carp population and biomass estimate using boat electrofishing catch per unit effort (CPUE) methodology.  The final report was completed in 2017 which resulted in a final estimate of 75.5 kg/ha of carp. This is slightly lower than the ecological threshold of 100 kg/ha identified in the literature where carp start to affect the ecological health of the lake ecosystem.   

In 2022, the Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) contracted with WSB to implement strategies and logistics to coordinate additional removal efforts on Cedar Lake.  This consisted of evaluation of netting areas, implanting new radio transmitters, testing a technique to “herd” carp into suitable netting areas under the ice, and finally locating aggregations and coordinating commercial fishing crews to make attempts to capture carp.  The first removal attempt occurred in late October 2023 with good success!  An estimated 700 individuals averaging 8 pounds was caught with a total estimate of 5,500 pounds removed.  Some larger individuals ranging between 20-30 pounds were also removed.  A second removal attempt will occur in spring 2024.

WSB Photo Credit

Photo credit: WSB Engineering