Cost Share & Incentive Program

The Scott Watershed Management Organization (WMO) Cost Share Program was created to provide funds to landowners for the implementation of conservation practices that protect and improve water quality in rivers, lakes, streams, and other valuable water resources in the Scott WMO. Landowners, citizen groups, and local units of government can request financial and technical assistance from the Scott WMO and the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) through the cost share program for implementation of conservation practices. All requests are subject to approval by the SWMO Board. Applications are taken on a continuous basis. Eligible practices are listed below the photos. Click on the photos for more information about them.


Cover Crop InterSeeder available for rent through the Scott SWCD!

Cover Crop Seeder

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Prescribed Burns to Manage Prairie Grasses

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Eligible Practices

The following 24 practices are eligible for the 2017 Cost Share & Incentive Program:
  • Bioretention Basins (including raingardens)
  • Contour Buffer Strips
  • Contour Farming
  • Cover Crops
  • Critical Area Planting
  • Diversion
  • Filter Strips
  • Grade Stabilization Structures
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Innovative Practices
  • Native Grasses
  • Natural Shoreline Restoration and/or Stabilization
  • Nutrient Management
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Riparian Buffer
  • Terraces
  • Underground Outlet
  • Vegetated Treatment Area (formerly Wastewater Treatment Strip)
  • Waste Storage Facility
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water and Sediment Control Basin
  • Well Decommissioning (Unused Well Sealing)
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Whole Farm Planning