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Programming in the Parks

Throughout the Scott County Regional parks, there is a variety of programming offerings for all ages to enjoy! Some of these programs have fees associated with them,

For more information about upcoming opportunities, please visit

Wellness in the Parks!

As part of our programmatic offerings, Scott County is excited to offer beginner friendly, low-impact, and wellness-focused programming. These programs can include wellness walks, trail tours, nature journaling, and more! All programs are free! Registration is not required but is encouraged to receive pre-program communication including weather changes and cancellations.

To register, visit or email Annie Bunio, Parks Wellness Programmer. Annie is also available to answer questions or help work with you if you have barriers to attending.

Contact Annie Bunio, Parks Wellness Programmer at or 612-322-5746.

Check out all of the cool stuff to do and experience in the parks this spring!

See you in the parks!

Help Plan Future Regional Trails in Scott County

Scott County is developing master plans for two regional trail corridors that will help implement the County's Regional Parks and Trails System Plan.  The two corridors include the Southern Scott Regional Trail and the Louisville Regional Trail.  The master plan process will be completed in 2023.  We need YOUR help identifying the best alignments for these corridors.  

The master plans will provide Scott County and other agencies guidance for future trail planning and development.  Once the Metropolitan Council approves, the master plan allows the County to apply for regional and federal funding under trail development.  

Visit our Regional Trails GIS Story Map to learn more about the project and share your comments and feedback on the proposed alignments. 

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Park updates and information

Updates regarding access to Scott County’s regional parks and trails including regional park buildings are provided by Three Rivers Park District, the County’s operating partner: Three River’s Parks.

Until further notice, all business with the County parks and trails staff who provide face to face service at the Government Center is being done only through email and phone:

About the Park System

In 2004, Scott County became the tenth Regional Park implementing agency for the Twin Cities metropolitan area. As a new implementing agency, we are beginning a process that will create a park, trail, and open space system that enhances the health and spirit of our residents and our guests by connecting people to the natural world.
Scott County is home to Cleary Lake, Spring Lake, and Cedar Lake Farm regional parks, as well as  Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve and the Big Woods Regional Trail.  Under a joint powers agreement, Scott County and Three Rivers Park District combine resources to collectively operate all regional parks and trails in the county.

Regional Park Process

Scott County is a regional park implementing agency of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Funding for Scott County’s regional parks and trails master planning has been provided through a grant received under the Minnesota Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Act, in which 14.25% of the funds generated from the 3/8% increase in the state sales tax will provide funding for regional and state parks and trails. Connect to an Active Lifestyle
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