Three Rivers Partnership

Scott County & Three Rivers Park District Join Forces
In December 2010, Scott County Board of Commissioners and the Three Rivers Board of Commissioners entered into a joint powers agreement to collaborate on regional park and trail services for the residents of Scott County. While Scott County and Three Rivers Park District have worked together in the past, this new agreement outlines a vision for creating efficiencies that will lead to the continued development of outdoor recreation opportunities for the residents of Scott County and the region.

Three Rivers Park District owns and operates Cleary Lake Regional Park and Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve in Scott County. Although Scott County has historically contributed funding towards operating these parks, the County Board launched its own regional park efforts in 2004 and now owns Spring Lake, Doyle-Kennefick, and Cedar Lake Farm regional parks, as well as the Scott West Regional Trail. Under the joint powers agreement, Scott County and Three Rivers Park District will combine resources to collectively operate all regional parks and trails in the county.
So what does this partnership mean for residents of Scott County? Here are a few examples of the benefits:

Common Identity & "One-Stop Shopping”
Want to check availability of picnic shelters at Cleary Lake and Cedar Lake Farm? Picnic reservations for all parks will be centralized at Three Rivers (call 763-559-6700). We will continue to use the Scott County SCENE to help keep you informed on regional park and trail opportunities in Scott County.

New outdoor recreation opportunities: Three Rivers’ extensive outdoor recreation programming staff will begin offering new opportunities in Scott County, including programs at Cedar Lake Farm. Check out the June/July edition of the Scott County SCENE for a list of programs this summer.

Shared Expertise & Shared Resources
While Three Rivers has extensive experience in park operations and natural resources management, Scott County brings its collaborative approach to the partnership and adds its existing resource network including SCALE, project funding through the Scott WMO, and an extensive equipment-sharing agreement with the cities in Scott County.
Continued development of parks and trails with the same level of resources: One of the primary goals of the partnership is to continue development of Scott County’s regional parks and trails system with the same level of resources. This can be accomplished only by creating efficiencies and making strategic partnership decisions about what services to offer where.

Continued Ownership & Final Decision Making
Both Three Rivers and Scott County will continue to own and retain final decision-making authority for their respective facilities while working collaboratively together.
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