Master Planning

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Parks Planning Background

In preparation for the development of Scott County’s regional park and trail system, the Parks and Trails Department initiated a major planning process in 2010 to determine the short- and long-term development plans for three regional parks and two regional trail corridors. Completing these plans increased external funding opportunities for regional park and trail improvements. Final master plan documents for individual parks and trails are available on the right hand side of the page. These documents will be updated periodically, and additional work will be completed to develop design and construction plans as development occurs.

Public Process

The 2010 Scott County Parks and Trails master planning process was developed with a grass-roots decision making framework that considers system-wide and public policy needs, ensuring the needs and realities of today are balanced with a vision towards future generations. Concept designs were developed under the guidance of the Citizen Design Team, a 45-member group of Scott County residents and park users.

Over 400 residents participated in workshops, open houses, and on-site tours to provide input on the master plans. Feedback from these events were used by the Citizens Design Team and consultants to prepare park and trail concept designs. Results from the policy workshops are available below.

Master Plan Documents

Additional Information