About the Workplace


Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities


Scott County: Where individuals, families, and businesses thrive.
  • Citizens are connected to their community, safe within their homes, and confident their needs will be met
  • People have access to quality health services and support a clean environment
  • Communities value a range of services for citizens of all ages in learning, work, home, mobility, and recreation


To advance safe, healthy, and livable communities through citizen-focused services.


Scott County values transform the public’s expectations for service delivery through our caring, creation and innovation:

  • Stewardship:  Ensuring the responsible and stable investment of taxpayer dollars and communicating its value to the public
  • Partnership:  Aligning existing resources, volunteers and programs to achieve shared goals
  • Leadership:  Anticipating changes and managing challenges based on reliable information and citizen input
  • Commitment:  Developing a high quality workforce that is dedicated to advancing a safe, healthy and livable community
  • Customer Service:  Creating a customer experience that is respectful, responsive and solution-oriented
  • Innovation:  Exploring and adopting new technologies and processes with the goal of improving service and reducing the long term cost of service delivery


Continually evolving, our culture is customer service driven, employee focused, and results oriented. We take pride in the work we do and we strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Total Rewards Philosophy

Scott County has adopted a Total Rewards philosophy: ​Scott County is an employer of choice, supporting, encouraging, and engaging employees through focused employee investments and workplace programs and offerings that promote and foster individual and organizational well-being. The net result of this philosophy is public service excellence. Read more about our Total Rewards Philosophy here.

What We Offer Our Employees

What We Expect From County Staff

  • Your best effort every day
  • Energy and commitment
  • Honesty
  • Your ideas and creativity
  • A customer service orientation
  • Efficiency
  • Have some fun at work every day

Our employees say...

“I gratefully took advantage of the employee tuition reimbursement program for years. Having a nurse on site is so helpful and convenient to quick ask a question or have your blood pressure checked. It’s also heartening to know that if anything happens, such as extended time off for health concerns, your co-workers are able to donate some of their PTO (Paid Time Off) to you.”
Mary, Administration 

"I love that we have the opportunity for different wellness activities such as yoga, flu shots, access to an Occupational Health Nurse, and wellness challenges/programs."


Tracy, Administration 
“I love that management at Scott County is open to innovation and creativity on my job to maximize results.  Training opportunities are not only offered at Scott County, but they are encouraged to help you reach your maximum potential on your job which is encouraging because so many jobs say that there is no time for that, but Scott County says, ‘How can you afford not to?’”
Shawn, Health and Human Services 
“The events organized by Scott County Employees Association are terrific and a great way to meet other employees.  The flu clinic, the Relay for Life event, the Employee Handmade Market and Future Leaders of Scott County are all awesome ideas!  I love that we do 'Adopt a Family' and donate to great organizations to help those in need.  It feels great to pay it forward with other dedicated Scott County employees!”
Connie, Enterprise Business Technology