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About Public Affairs

The Scott County Public Affairs office is responsible for providing consistent, effective, accurate, and unrestricted communication and engagement with those who hold the public trust and the public itself.

Media Contact

If you are a reporter looking for information about Scott County, the Public Affairs Office can assist you.

Contact Information for Media Requests

  • Lisa Kohner, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Phone: (952) 496-8780

Scott County Media Relations Policy

The business of Scott County government is a matter of public interest and public record. The Media Relations Policy (PDF) reflects Scott County’s public informational goals of accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness, and professionalism; moreover, the objectives of the following represent the County’s commitment to fairness, consistency, and reliability optimally achieved through the effective coordination of the County’s public informational efforts.

The Scott County SCENE

The Scott County SCENE is a government publication sent to all residents throughout Scott County. Founded in 1989 as an exclusively Environmental Health newsletter, the SCENE was expanded in 1995 to cover all areas of Scott County government and community resources. The SCENE has been widely honored by various organizations for its contribution to ongoing and timely communication with its citizens. Visit our SCENE page to learn more and find current and past issues.

Social Media

Scott County is on Facebook and Twitter, and we'll have a Scott County YouTube channel active soon.

Speak Up, Scott County

Speak Up Scott County is an online forum for civic engagement. You can read what others are saying about important Scott County topics, then post your own statement. County officials will read the statements and incorporate them into their decision process.

When you post your first statement, you will be asked for your name and home address. This confidential information is only used to identify statements from residents in and near Scott County - so that users know which statements are from local residents.

Speak Up Scott County is run by OpenGov, a non-partisan company whose mission is to broaden civic engagement and build public trust in government. They will keep your information confidential per their strict privacy agreement.

As with any public comment process, participation in Speak Up Scott County is voluntary; county officials will consider input from this forum along with all other channels for participation.

Additional Information

For directions to the Government Center or other general contact information, please visit our Directory.