Delivering What Matters

What is Delivering What Matters?

We know that it doesn't matter which patrol car shows up when you need law enforcement help, just as long as one does show up. We know that it doesn't matter to you which logo appears on the side of a snowplow, just as long as the roads get cleared quickly and safely. We know it doesn't matter who provides you with your fishing licenses, just as long as you get one before you head out on one of our many beautiful lakes.  

We also know that you value safe, healthy, and livable communities. And Scott County is working hard to deliver the programs, policies, and services that help advance those values. "Delivering What Matters" isn't merely "another government initiative," it is a more citizen-focused approach to doing business that emphasizes outcomes over processes, stresses results over red tape.  

A big part of "Delivering What Matters" is making sure that what we do (and how and why we do it) is transparent, responsive, and easily understood by anyone. But we'll need your help. What are we doing well? How could we improve? Are we delivering what matters to you? 

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