Teacher Resources

Educators (teachers, media specialists, homeschool instructors, daycare providers, etc.) in Scott County may apply to receive an Educator Online Access Card account. To apply, fill out our online form, and a staff member will email you a card number and PIN number. 

Before applying, here are important things to know about Educator Online Access Cards:
  • The accounts may only be used to access the online reference sources available to Scott County residents (ELM, MELSA, Scott County). 
  • The account may not be used to reserve or check out physical library materials.
  • The account may not be used outside the Scott County Library System. 
Looking for information about student cards and district partnerships? Visit our School Partnerships page.  

Tours/Field Trips

Our library branches can provide brief introductory tours for your students. Contact your library in advance to check for availability.

Get in Touch with Us

Educators, please contact Scott County Library Youth Services with any questions about library resources or to discuss how we can help with your students’ homework needs.

Continuing Education

Our online database collection also includes some great research and professional development resources for educators: 
  • Educator's Reference Complete: Periodicals and reports for educators, from the school teacher and administrator to those studying the field at the college and graduate level.
  • ERIC (EBSCO) or ERIC (OCLC): The Education Resource Information Center includes information from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and the Resources in Education Index.
  • Professional Collection: Full-text journals for educators. Topics include teaching, education law, psychology, development, and more.
  • Professional Development Collection: Full-text journals and educational reports for educators, librarians, and education researchers.