County Administrator

The Scott County Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Scott County Board of Commissioners. The County Administrator is, in essence, the Chief Executive Officer of the County, and is responsible for both the executive and operational components of the County’s organization.

In fulfilling the responsibilities of the position, the County Administrator directs a staff of professional and administrative personnel who manage all aspects of the County’s operations and carry out all decisions, policies, ordinances, and resolutions authorized by the Board of Commissioners. In so doing, the County Administrator recommends an annual operating and capital improvement budget to the County Board, and coordinates the Board’s meeting agendas and workshops.

Elements of the Administrator Position

Some significant elements of the County Administrator's job include:

  • Promote the public trust through responsible fiscal management, open and consistent communication, and a realistic long-term vision;
  • Preserve the sustainability of a responsive, adaptable, and customer-oriented public service system;
  • Protect the ongoing viability of taxpayer dollars and promote the larger economic vitality of the County as a whole;
  • Establish the County’s leadership position through various internal and external strategic planning activities;
  • Foster the development of a professional and productive organizational culture to ensure the delivery of quality public services for the citizens of Scott County;
  • Develop and advance vital policy, program, and project initiatives at the local, regional, state, and federal levels;
  • Forge positive and beneficial relationships between and among the public, private, and nonprofit sectors as well as the greater citizenry of the County;
  • Ensure the implementation of the mission of Scott County: To advance safe, healthy, and livable communities through citizen-focused services.