Law Enforcement

Minnesota State Patrol Criminal Interdiction Training

September 14-15, 2016

Course Objective: Increase the awareness of criminal indicators through effective interdiction techniques relative to traffic enforcement


Force Investigations and Management Training

October 27, 2016
Instructor: Dr. Matt Stiehm
Cost: $135.00

Course Description:  After an examination of the Constitutional standards, state standards and civil rights laws, the training, lecture and content will focus on managing confrontations, interpretations of video based evidence events, and the writing of use of force reports.  Attendees will be provided with incidents that have occurred across the United States to include the most recently settled cases, filed cases, media cases, and seminal cases.  Attendees will be provided with examples on how to communicate with supervisors, and managers on how to handle use of force incidents to ensure that the incident is completely investigated, documented, and reviewed to protect those involved as well as the agency.  Attendees will also be provided with examples on how to modify polices, and training to ensure that they can mitigate any potential civil litigation.  Through lecture, video instruction and exercises, attendees will learn the importance of drafting use of force reports under the proper officer focused constitutional and case law standards. 

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