What is a Quintile Review?
The assessor maintains records on the physical characteristics of each property in the County. The Assessor’s Office is required by State law to physically review your property at least once every five years and record any changes in property characteristics since their last visit. This review is part of an ongoing revaluation program to ensure the accuracy of our data and to assist us in estimating a fair and equitable value of your property for property tax purposes. This process is known as the quintile review. Reference (Minnesota Statutes, section 273.01) Appraisal staff carries County Identification and will request permission to view the interior and exterior of your property. If you are not home we will complete an exterior inspection and a notice will be left on your front door notifying you of our visit with any further instructions such as a need for an interior review or verification of information.

Appraisal staff view the interior and exterior of your property to collect property characteristics used in estimating market value. The property characteristics such as year built, style, square footage, quality of construction, and condition are entered into a computerized mass appraisal system.

Read the Minnesota Statutes.

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