When is a compliance inspection required?
Current State Laws require a compliance inspection to be done any time a new sewage system is installed; before a local unit of government can issue a permit for the addition of a bedroom to a home; any time a permit or variance is requested to alter an existing system; and any time a sewage system is reviewed to determine if it is in compliance.

Scott County’s Ordinance also requires a compliance inspection when there is a change in use of the property (i.e. residential to commercial, commercial to industrial, or the addition of a business to a home); when new lots are developed and one of the lots has an existing sewage system; whenever a horizontal addition or an accessory structure (such as a garage, deck, or pole building) is added to a home and acceptable information is not available regarding the soil properties and/or the installation of the sewage system; and for a change from seasonal to year round use or when the Scott County Zoning Ordinance causes a system to be reviewed for compliance.

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