How often should you clean your tank?
Your septic tank should be cleaned (maintained), by a licensed SSTS Maintainer, approximately every two to three years, with the exact frequency depending upon levels of use. The licensed maintainer that you choose will inspect your tank to determine if it needs to be pumped. If pumping is required, they will then remove all of the scum and sludge that have accumulated in your tank.

The cleaning of your tank must be performed through the 24-inch tank maintenance hole rather than through one of the 4-inch inspection pipes. As a homeowner, you should make certain that this is the case. Failure to utilize the larger and more centrally located maintenance hole will result in your tank being only partially emptied. This will increase the chances of the remaining solids floating out of your tank as it begins to refill, and finding their way into your soil treatment system where they can damage and shorten the life of your drainfield.

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