Why raise the money through a sales tax?
The revenue projected from the transportation tax (½ percent sales tax and $20 excise tax on vehicles purchased for road use) is projected at $6 million annually. To raise this much money through property taxes would be the equivalent of a 10% levy increase. Doing that would force Scott County property owners to foot 100 % of the costs, even though many non-residents travel on our road network. To collect the money through a sales tax means approximately 30 % of the money will be paid by non-residents, the people who drive in our county to work, visit, and shop.

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1. Why is the County implementing a transportation sales tax?
2. Why raise the money through a sales tax?
3. I'm a business owner. What do I need to know to collect this tax?
4. How do I know this money will really go toward transportation projects?
5. When will the tax go into effect, and when will I see projects paid for by it?
6. When will it end?
7. Where will the Transportation Sales & Excise Tax be applied?