Addition (Residential)

MN State Building Codes regulates the design, construction, alteration, repairs and demolition of decks. Review all applicable information and handouts prior to applying for permits. 

Review instructions for ePermit registration, pdf file naming requirements, and applying through the ePermit portal prior to applying for permit. See ePermits, How do I.... click here   

IMPORTANT: Electronic submittal document files are required to be named appropriately to ensure efficient permit processing. Review Naming Submittal Documents prior to starting ePermit process to ensure all files are labeled appropriately. See all related ePermit submittal and resubmittal requirements to help avoid delays in processing. 

Required Submittals - Documents required to be uploaded into ePermit portal at the time of application. Applications with incomplete submittals will be rejected and delayed. Project address shall be displayed on all submittal documents, forms and drawings. Applications with incomplete submittals will be delayed.

All documents must be flattened, scanned or printed and unlocked in pdf format. Open fillable forms or documents with open control points cannot be accepted. 

  • Township Approval Form  (PDF) - Required for Blakeley, Jackson, and St. Lawrence townships only. Submit completed form with township approval signature. Do not upload if not required. 
  • Site Plan – must include the following:  
    • Location and size of proposed addition
    • Location of other structures, property lines, septic tanks, septic drain field, well and any wetlands
    • Location of any gas, plumbing, or electrical piping in the vicinity of construction
    • Distances from the proposed building to all other structures, property lines, and utilities
  • Building Plans – Per MN Rules 1300, plans shall be dimensioned and drawn upon suitable material. Complete set of plans including structural and braced wall design, floor layout, cross sections, elevations, and energy. Plans shall be uploaded as one multipage complete set (not individual sheets), individual sheet uploads will not be accepted. Plan sheets shall only be separated if larger than 50 MB.  The following details shall be identified on all Addition plans :
    • All dimensions and elevations, rooms shall be labeled, unfinished areas shall be labeled as such
    • Footing and foundations sizes (width and height at all locations) with all reinforcing bar placement details on foundation sheet. If foundation information is provided on separate submittal, plans shall reference the document the foundation design details can be found on. Include the corresponding document sheet/page number at each foundation wall section as applicable. 
    • All header and beam sizes shall be shown on plans. If provided on separate submittal, plans shall reference the document the header and beam sizes are provided on. Include the corresponding document sheet/page number at each header or beam location.
    • Wall bracing design shall be in accordance with R602.10 or by licensed structural engineer - shall include property wind exposure category per R301.2.1.4, locations braced wall lines, size/location of panels, method of bracing and calculations.
    • When unique design methods are being used, it is best to include as much information as possible on the plans
    • Include all energy code details on plans
    • Truss Specifications - Roof and Floor Layouts 
  • Truss Specifications - Roof and Floor Layouts and specification sheets. Please upload as on complete pdf file.
  • Energy Code Compliance Certificate  (PDF) - Type of print neatly. Must be completed in entirety, as applicable to the area of new construction
  • Heat Loss, Combustion Air & make-up Air Calculations  (PDF) - Complete Heat loss calculations, combustion and ventilation air for upload
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Agreement (PDF) - Complete Erosion & Sediment Control General Notes for Building Permits form, Signed Building Permit Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Escrow Agreement form.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans must include the following details: survey or other accurately- scaled drawing showing the location of the proposed structure, direction of water flow, location of perimeter control, how the site will be permanently stabilized and other requirements that are on the Erosion Control Agreement. For new structures, also include: low floor elevations, limits of grading / construction area, and location of rock entrance. Questions regarding erosion and sediment control designs and requirements shall be directed to Scott Soil and Water Conservation District at:

Optional if Applicable Submittals

  • Engineered Design - Engineered design shall be submitted if construction cannot be verified by the minimum prescriptive requirements of the Minnesota Building Code. An engineered design must be sealed by a structural engineer licensed in the State of Minnesota.
  • Specifications - Provide product installation specifications if any materials or fasteners require specific manufacturers’ specifications for installation. 


Note:  Separate permits are required for plumbing, mechanical and sewer installations through Scott County ePermit portal.

The property owner occupying the dwelling may obtain the plumbing, sewer and mechanical permit if they are completing the installations. If the work is not being completed by the occupying property owner, plumbing and mechanical permits shall be applied for by the MN Licensed Plumbing contractor and MN Bonded Mechanical Contractor. Sewer by a MN Licensed Plumbing contractor or MN Certified Pipe Layer.

Electrical permit shall be obtained by installing contractor or installing property owner, through MN Department of Labor and Industry Electrical Division

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