Residential Building Sewer - New Connect to Community/Municipal System or Existing Septic System

Sewer permits will be issued to MN licensed plumbing contractors, certified pipe layers with plumbing bond registration and homeowners completing their own sewer/water main work only. The applicant must be completing the work. 

Select permit type "new sewer permit" when not part of a complete new septic system - only when connecting to community, municipal or existing septic systems and sewer system is regulated by a municipality. When the new connection is part of a new residential dwelling, the Building Contractor shall list the installer as a sub-contractor on the Contacts and Contractors form and obtain sewer permit inclusive with Building permit. 

Required Submittals - Important: Project address shall be displayed on all submittals. Applications with incomplete submittals will be rejected and delayed.  

IMPORTANT: Electronic submittal document files are required to be named appropriately to ensure efficient permit processing. Review Naming Submittal Documents (PDF) prior to starting ePermit process to ensure all files are labeled appropriately. See all related ePermit submittal and resubmittal requirements to help avoid delays in processing.

  • Building Sewer Layout and Site Plans - details shall include survey or other accurately scaled drawing showing: 
    • Location of all buildings and structures on the property, buildings shall be labeled. Example: House, Shed, Garage, Deck
    • Location of septic tanks and drain field
    • Proposed location, length, and elevations of new sewer line
    • Location of the expected connection to the Community, Municipal, or Existing Septic Sewer Line, elevation at connection
    • Proposed materials and sizes of piping

Optional Submittals

  • Specifications - If applicable, provide product installation specifications if any materials or methods require manufacturers’ specifications for installation.
  • Requests for Alternate Methods and Materials may be uploaded Other - For consideration of approval of proposed alternate methods or material provide complete details and information about the request, identifying how the proposed alternate is at least the equivalent of the prescribed in the code in quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, and safety. See MN Rule 1300.0110  

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