How do I renew my physical library items?

Depending on the physical item type*, our system will do it for you! When your item is coming due, our system will attempt to automatically renew it for another 3 weeks if no one else has a hold/reservation on it. You'll receive an email reminder 3 days before the due date informing you whether materials have been automatically renewed or must be returned. Items will renew up to 5 times. 

Wondering about the status of your items or how much time you have left? Use your library card number and PIN to sign into SCL's Catalog & My Account site or the Scott Lib (MN) mobile app, available on iOS and Android. From there, you can view items you've checked out, how many times they've renewed, due dates, and much more.

*Due to demand, certain item types won't automatically renew. For example, eBooks and eAudiobooks from the eLibrary  may only be borrowed for 21-day periods without extensions. You may instead place a new hold to rejoin the line and borrow the item again. 

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