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Discovery Request (Police Reports)

  1. I understand that, unless I am a victim in this matter, I must pre-pay $15.00 in cash, by check, or by money order for these documents.
    You may pre-pay in person or send $15.00 via check or money order, made payable to the Scott County Attorney's Office, to Scott County Attorney's Office, ATTN: DISCOVERY, 200 Fourth Avenue West, Shakopee, Minnesota, 55379. Please indicate below if you'd like to be notified via telephone or e-mail of the documents' availability, would prefer to have them e-mailed to you, or prefer to have them mailed to you. (Be certain to include your mailing address below if you select direct mail.)
  2. If you are requesting a police report on a juvenile matter, please be advised that you must be the parent or juvenile requesting the report. In addition, a parent or juvenile will need to pick up the report in person.
  3. If you opt to have these documents mailed to you, please provide your mailing address.
  4. Note: Your requested copies will be available in approximately 10 days.
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