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ReConnect Broadband Pre-subscription Form

  1. ReConnect Program Broadband Pre-subscription Form for Farms and Other Businesses
    Jaguar Communications, in partnership with Scott County, Minnesota, and your Township, is applying for funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's ReConnect Program. If successful, this funding will allow Jaguar Communications to bring broadband service to your location. If you are interested in receiving broadband service, please submit your responses to the questions below. (Please note: This pre-subscription form is not a binding commitment made by Jaguar Communications.)
  2. Would you be a farm or other business customer?*
  3. What communications services are you currently using? (Select all that apply.)*
  4. Approximately how much do you pay per month for each of the services that you use?
  5. Are you interested in receiving broadband service from Jaguar Communications?*
  6. How would you like to be informed when service will be available?
  7. By checking "I agree," you consent to and authorize the submission of this form.*
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