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Request for monument messaging

  1. Requirements and restrictions:

    This message board request form must be submitted to Scott County Administration, which reviews the request to determine whether it meets pertinent communications guidelines requirements. Scott County Administration will modify message requests that DO NOT meet the technical or policy requirements. To manage the number of posted messages, the County adheres to the following guidelines:

    • One message per event

    • Messages typically will be updated on a weekly basis.

    • Events may only be posted a maximum of two weeks prior to the event.

    • No more than 10 messages can scroll on either sign at any one time.

    Excluded content:

    The electronic message boards WILL NOT be used to display any of the following:

    Preference for a political candidate, party, or position whether local, regional, or national (examples of excluded messages would include “Support Candidate “X” for State Representative [or other position]; Vote “Yes” or “No” for a school referendum; positions of support or opposition to political platforms, such as tax breaks, health care reform, spending); or

    Are politically charged, discriminatory, or offensive; or  

    Advertise or benefit private businesses (such as Business Grand Opening Today; $5 off wine specials at Business “X”; Visit Business “Y” Today!).

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