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2023 Night to Unite Registration

  1. IMPORTANT: Please open this form in GOOGLE CHROME (Internet Explorer fails to submit properly).
  2. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office invites local residents and business owners to join neighborhoods across the state and nation to recognize Night to Unite. The event will be held on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. 

    Most neighborhood events are scheduled between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Registering in advance allows for deputies and public safety personnel to be aware of planned events, which offers the opportunity to attend and meet residents. 

    To register your neighborhood for Night to Unite, complete and submit the form below by July 19th.

  3. Please note that a high volume of requests are submitted for Night to Unite. We will make every effort to attend as many as possible but cannot guarantee a visit to your event (unless you indicate that you do not want visitors below).
  4. A member of the Sheriff's Office will attempt to visit every party. Additional visitors may be requested but due to the large volume of requests, there is no guarantee they will be able to attend.
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  7. Do you have additional questions regarding Night to Unite? If so, please type your question above and somebody from our office will contact you.
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  9. If you would like more information about Night to Unite and/or other Sheriff's Office crime prevention initiatives, please contact Community Engagement Deputy Amy Weckman at 952-496-8862 or email

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