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Diversity/Inclusion Questionnaire

  1. Diversity/Inclusion Questionnaire
    Sheriff Hennen would like to engage in developing new and innovative ways to ensure that our office truly reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. He would like to better understand what challenges our employees face every day, especially any practices and behaviors that are causing any pain or holding you back in any way. Sheriff Hennen is asking for the assistance of individuals from all levels of the Sheriff’s Office, to expand the range of voices driving these efforts and identifying ideas we may have missed otherwise. The following questions will help provide insight on our progress and our plans for advancing minority and women-related objectives in the future. You can submit this form anonymously or include your name if you’d like Sheriff Hennen to follow-up with you.
  2. What are the biggest barriers to your success and what role can I play in helping to remove them?
  3. Do you feel safe enough to take risks at work? To contribute? To belong to our employee culture?
  4. If you have experienced exclusion or microaggressions against you or others, what can I do to help address these issues?
  5. Whose voice or what perspective is missing from this conversation?
  6. How can I help amplify your voice and that of other underrepresented voices?
  7. What role does race play in how you experience the workplace?
  8. Are you interested in being involved creating a workgroup to further explore and discuss this topic? If so, please include your name on this form or send a separate email to Sheriff Hennen letting him know.
  9. April is Celebrate Diversity Month!
    April is “Celebrate Diversity Month” and we’d like to recognize and honor the diversity amongst our staff on social media. By celebrating differences and similarities, it is our hope that people will get a deeper understanding of each other. Please let us know if you’d be willing to be featured on our social media pages (explaining your role at the Sheriff’s Office, how long you’ve worked here, your job responsibilities, anything you’d like to share about your personal life (family, interests, education, etc.), anybody that has influenced/mentored your path in life, and anything else you’d like to share.
  10. Social Media
    Would you be willing to be featured on our social media pages? If so, indicate "yes" below and include your name on this form or send a separate email to Sheriff Hennen letting him know.
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