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  2. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office utilizes a mobile speed detection trailer to aid in speed enforcement by encouraging drivers to slow down by displaying their speed as well as the posted speed limit. The trailer has the capability of recording a vehicle's speed as well as the number of vehicles which pass by the trailer. We can utilize statistics from the trailer to determine what additional enforcement activity may be effective in the area. The speed trailer can also display custom traffic control and caution messages.
  3. As speed awareness goes up, motorists slow down, even after the unit is moved to a different location. With fewer speed-related accidents, law enforcement personnel’s time is freed up, and they can concentrate their efforts on other issues. Plus, citizens feel safer, which is what compliance with the speed limit is all about: safety.
  4. If you would like to request the speed trailer be placed in a specific area (Scott County townships only), please complete and submit the form below. Please understand the Sheriff’s Office receives a lot of requests for the speed trailer and cannot guarantee it will be placed at the requested location.
  5. (townships only)
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