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Sheriff's Office Data Request Form NEW

    The Scott County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) receives and processes all requests for data held by the SCSO in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The SCSO does not release non-public information on cases under investigation or court jurisdiction.
  2. Time Frame
    Data subject requests will be returned within 10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) once payment has been received. All other requests will be returned in a reasonable amount of time.
    NOTE: Identifying information is not required for disclosure of public information, but may be collected if necessary to fulfill the request. **Per MS 201.091, Subd. 4 (Registered Voter Lists): Requestor shall provide identification and shall state in writing that any information obtained from the list will not be used for purposes unrelated to elections, political activities, or law enforcement.
  4. day/month/year
  5. How would you like to receive the data?
    The more information you are able to provide will increase the chance that we are able to locate your data in a timely manner.
  8. (ex: car crash)
  9. Exact address or approximate location
  10. Classification of data*

    Are you the subject of the data? (Is the data about you?) This will determine if the data is classified as public, private, or confidential and, therefore, what data is released.

  11. Include dates of birth, aliases, maiden names (if known).
  12. • *Flat Rate: $0.25 per page. Requests of 100 or fewer pages without additional costs besides the copy fee will be charged using the Flat Rate. • *Mailing: The mailing fee will reflect the actual cost of mailing, including postage, envelopes, and labels. • **Special Rate: $30.00 per hour plus .10 cents per-page for copying. Requests of more than 100 pages will be charged using the special rate. • *Reformatted Data: If the SCSO has the data that is asked for but does not keep the data in the format the requestor wants, the SCSO may not be able to give the data in that format. If the SCSO can put the data in the format requested, they will let the requestor know how long it will take to provide the data and how much it will cost. Costs may include staff time and other fees associated with responding to the request. • **Video: The DVD is formatted to open in a Windows application. There are no guarantees that the video cameras were functional or pointed in the direction of the event at the specified time of the event. The SCSO cannot offer refunds even if the event in question was not captured on the video. Pre-payment is required prior to creating a DVD copy of the video. Please enter the date and location information in 30 minute time increments on the Data Practices Request form. • Payment: The SCSO only accepts a check in the exact amount or cash. Please make checks payable to the Scott County Sheriff. Pre-Payment: Pre-payment will be required when requests are valued at $10.00 and over, as well as all requests for video/audio. Public Information: Public data is releasable without a signed authorization. • Private Information: A signed authorization is required when the data contains private information about the requestor or their minor child. Proof of identity will be required for private data release.
  13. Questions/Payments
    If you have questions about this form or to make a payment for any necessary fees by phone, please call our office 952-496-8300.
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